Insanity Modern Australian Gin
Insanity Modern Australian Gin

Insanity Modern Australian Gin

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Discover a New Realm of Taste

A testament to modern Australian craftsmanship and ingenuity. Crafted to redefine the boundaries of contemporary gin, Insanity Gin marries tradition with innovation, delivering a sensory experience that's as audacious as it is refined.

A Botanical Symphony, Distinctly Australian

Prepare to be transported to the heart of Australia with every sip. Insanity Gin pays homage to its roots by utilising exclusively Australian botanicals, except for the juniper that forms the backbone of this masterpiece. Lemon myrtle imparts a lively citrus twist, while lime peel adds a zesty punch. Toasted wattle seed brings an earthy depth that's both captivating and indulgent.

Embrace the Unexpected

Life is a journey, and sometimes a touch of insanity is all you need to make it extraordinary. Insanity Gin challenges conventions, urging you to savour the moment and embrace the unpredictable. It's a reminder that in the chaos of the every day, a hint of insanity can be the spice that makes life truly memorable.

Celebrating Excellence

Join us in celebrating Insanity Gin's remarkable achievements. A true trailblazer, it clinched the Gold award at the recent Melbourne Spirits Awards, a testament to its exceptional quality and distinctive character. This recognition solidifies its place as a pinnacle of modern distillation.

Elevate Your Gin Experience

Indulge your senses and elevate your palate with a bottle of Insanity Gin. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the foundation of innovative cocktails, it promises an adventure in taste that's unlike any other.

A slice of lime is the perfect partner.

Embrace the Insanity



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